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This page outlines our Data Recovery Services & Data Backup Services in Adelaide.

On-site scheduled backup – Data backup to a local storage device at scheduled intervals.
Near-real-time backup – Data backup to a local BDR server device.
Server backup – Simultaneous backup for 1 to 20 local Windows servers.
Secure off site remote storage – All backup images are securely transmitted to remote servers for maximum safety and protection from localised catastrophic  disasters.
On-site virtual server – In case of a server failure, our on-site virtual server can be remotely configured to assume the functions of the dead machine in less than one hour. This allows our clients to continue working while we work to repair the dead server and makes restoring the data to the repaired server very quick and easy.
Data restoration – Local restoration from the on-site virtual server or backup file is generally quick and relatively painless if the correct procedures have been followed.
Managed backup – The ultimate BDR solution is monitored 24/7 by our network operations centre, and in the case of any problems or issues the local Troubleshooter is immediately alerted. 


If we can’t recover any data using our software recovery techniques, there is NO CHARGE. Bring in the drive or media and we will assess it for free, and attempt data recovery. If the media is somehow physically damaged, faulty or broken, it doesn’t mean the data on the media is lost. It may still be possible to recover the data, however the process needed to recover the data is more specialised. If this is the case we can evaluate the media (at a cost) and provide a report on the data which can be recovered and the state it is in. 


Data recovery of Hard drives, USB flash drives, and media cards.

Data erasure

Microsoft ® Exchange &® SharePoint Server data recovery

Tape services

Stop if you suspect that your hard drive or storage media has failed:        

Turn off the media immediately 

Do not reboot, shake, disassemble or attempt to clean/dry the damaged media 


You should not attempt to perform a recovery of the damaged media or you might experience, unrecoverable data or invalidate a warranty.

“We recently had a laptop hard drive fail, Andrew our CT Technician was able to retrieve all the data & reinstall on a new laptop in a couple of days. He is more than our I.T. department, he is a genius”. Stuart Rigby – Managing Director – Blackhawk Network

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