• May 7th, 2018
    Cyber Security Update
    According to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network, a snapshot for the period ending 31 March 2018, showed that the top three cybercrimes reported have not changed in the… Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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  • April 19th, 2018
    IT Service and Support
    Changing role of IT Service and Support The role of IT Service and Support is changing with the increased reliance on technology in small to medium businesses today. It has… Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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  • April 19th, 2018
    VOIP Reshaping Business Communications
    Voice communications over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) delivers a range of benefits to businesses when looking at the challenge of Business communications. The key benefits that have driven the… Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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  • January 30th, 2018
    Recovering Data Files
    Virtually every day, Computer Troubleshooter’s engineers receive an inquiry from small business clients and residential customers asking for assistance with recovering data files. By the time they call, panic… Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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  • December 30th, 2017
    Virus Free Xmas
    Ho Ho Ho – Have a virus-free Christmas and a malware free New Year. It’s only a few days and holiday season will… Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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MYOB & Quickbooks Network Solutions

Multi user accounting software solutions

When you upgrade your accounting software to multiple user access you may experience poor performance from the software, when running it across your network. Slow report generation, slow searching, users being knocked out of the program and many more.

If MYOB is running slow over your network, we have an inexpensive, secure and reliable solution, to meet your needs.

We turn any Windows system into a full-blown Terminal Server!

In short we can turn a PC into a concurrent multi user workstation. For instance 10 users can be logged onto the same PC at the same time, and all be using MYOB simultaneously. This means no MYOB data is moving across the network, all processing is done locally on the PC. The only data crossing the network is screen, keyboard and mouse traffic from each logged on user, which is very small.

Remote working for MYOB users.

This solution also allows users to connect remotely to the PC running MYOB from outside the office (anywhere in the world), as long as the MYOB PC and the remote user are connected to the internet.

It’s a cost effective multi-user Remote Desktop access solution for Windows using the standard Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Configuring the system allows an unlimited number of users to remotely access all their Windows Desktops and Applications simultaneously.

Because compatible Remote Desktop Connection client software is already preinstalled on most devices and operating systems, seamless integration into existing networks without any hardware or software changes is assured.

The following versions of Windows OS are supported for use.

Windows XP
All versions including XP Home
Windows Vista
All versions including Vista Home Basic and Home Premium
Windows 7
All versions including Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium and 64 Bit
Windows Server 2003/2008/2008 R2
All versions including Small Business Server, Web Server and Foundation Server (also without the Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services role)

If other companies have told you you need a server, think again. This solution is a fraction of the price of a server, and is fully scalable. It takes our skilled engineers just a few hours to install and configure. We are so confident you will love your solution, we will install a 14 day trial for up to 10 users, for $300 inc GST. If you choose to keep the solution the trial cost will be taken off the final invoice. Terms & conditions apply.

Contact us for for more information,

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