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Small Business Server Solutions and Support Adelaide

Small Business Server Solutions & Support in Adelaide.

Is a Server right for your business?

If your business uses 2 computers or more and you don’t have a server, you are missing out on many important benefits a server based network has to offer.

Centralised File Management & Storage - Store all your critical data in a central folder structure. All documents, files and information are available to everyone 24/7. Documents and files are stored centrally on the server.

Enhanced Productivity & Mobility - Your server allows virtually anytime, anywhere access to your e-mail, files, business applications.

Remote Desktop - Using Server’s can allow users remote access to a personalised desktop as if they were sitting in the office. This can be accessed from anywhere the user has an adequate internet connection, giving the user full access to all resources available on the network.

Collaboration - Share equipment & resources, such as data, contacts, calendars, Internet access, printers, and fax machines.

Security - Access to private/critical files and folders can be easily locked down to a single user basis, giving you total control over who see’s what. Anitivirus and antispam software can also be controlled centrally.

Centralised Backup - Simple centralised backup of all your data.

Small Business Server & Network Diagram

We can manage your server with our B.E.S.T. plans, from as little as $99 ex GST per month.

A flat monthly fee includes the following:

  • Handle any computer, network, or server problem (including Windows, Virus, & Spyware problems) via remote support or on-site.
  • Monitor your technology 24/7, including preventing up to 80% of all computer problems before our customers are even aware of them.
  • Install advanced remote support tools to enable our team to diagnose and resolve problems quickly if they do occur.
  • Monitor your backup system to be sure your data is backed up safely.
  • Provide a Helpdesk so all your employees have prompt, easy access to high quality support consultants anytime they have a computer question or problem.
  • Manage all your Technology Vendors for you (Internet, Phones, Business Applications.)
  • Guarantee No Downtime (on our Trouble-Free plan.)

If you are looking for an affordable reliable solution, advice or support call us. We guaranteee not to talk geek at you. Our technicians hold some of the most highly regarded certifications in the industry, you can be assured we have the knowledge and experience required for todays technology.

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
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