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Category Archives: Virus and Security warnigs

Online Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Over the Christmas Holidays

Online Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Over the Christmas Holidays Thanks to AVG Australia and New Zealand for this great aritcle regarding online safety for children this Christmas.  AVG (AU/NZ) offers advice to parents for online safety awareness … Continue reading

ANZ Phishing email

We received this email yesterday, claiming to be from ANZ, it’s not. This is a phishing email trying to get your login details for your bank accounts. DONT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. JUST DELETE THE WHOLE EMAIL Locked Out After Too … Continue reading

Fraudulent Quickbooks emails warning

This afternoon we received the email below from message from Reckon, the company who makes Quickbooks. As my emails are filtered by my ISP, Internode, I didn’t receive the email about the “Intuit Security Tool”. If by chance you don’t … Continue reading

Watch out for these hoaxes and scams!

If you receive an email message that sounds credible, do you check it out before you action it or forward it to your friends? Not everything you read is true, so let’s look at some common hoaxes and scams.

Telephone Computer Support Scams

“MICROSOFT“ COMPUTER SCAM  BY TELEPHONE If you receive a telephone call purporting to be from “Microsoft” and someone says that you have viruses on your computer and they can help clean your system, just hang up! This is a scam – … Continue reading

What you can do about LinkedIn privacy breach

LinkedIn opts 100 million users into sharing private information within advertisements By Mike Flacy | Digital Trends – Thu, Aug 11, 2011 LinkedIn users are upset that the company has taken the Facebook approach in regards to online privacy with … Continue reading

External hard drives being sold by discount retailer ALDI have been found to contain computer virus

Got to love those cheap deals ?!?! ALDI external hard drives available for sale as part of its “special buys” purchases have been found to contain a computer virus. Read more:

Fake PayPal phishing email

Again today I received another fake phishing email claiming to be from PayPal. As always it is fake from the start simply because it says “Dear Customer”. Pay PAl emails will always start with the account holders name. Also the … Continue reading

AVG Security Guide: Your Online Security – 11 Q&As in 2011

  AVG Security Guide: click here to open This guide offers 11 Q&As designed to help protect you and your business against viruses and cyber crime in 2011 and beyond. Well worth a read. Click the title to open the guide.

ATO Australian Tax Office Email Scam

ATO Australian Tax Office Email Scan Today I received the following email claiming to be from the ATO wanting to give me a tax refund. It looks quite convincing but it’s a scam. The link in the “See your refund … Continue reading