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Laptop Repair Services Adelaide

Laptop repair services in Adelaide by Computer Troubleshooters


Laptop LCD Screen replacement and repair.

We have the skills, tools and knowledge to replace broken or damaged screens to all major brands of laptops. Including LCD screen replacements to Apple laptops. If your laptop screen has gone blank, got cracked or broken call us for an estimate.


Laptop LCD Screen


Laptop Keyboard or mousepad repair and replacement.

If you need a replacement notebook keyboard or trackpad. We offer a wide selection of Laptop Keyboards and trackpads.

Laptop Keyboard









Laptop port and socket repair.

Faulty or broken DC power sockets, broken USB and Network (RJ45) sockets.

Laptop Hard Disk Drive upgrade and replacement.

Running low on hard drive space on your laptop? We supply and install notebook hard drives, internal and external drive units to meet all of your storage needs.

 Laptop hard drives

Laptop RAM upgrade and replacement.

Is your laptop running slow? Then an increase to the memory in your Laptop could be the answer? We stock manufacturer-recommended laptop memory module upgrades.

Laptop RAM



Laptop DVD/CDRW Combo drive replacement.

Faulty drive not reading or writing. We supply and install drives as required.

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